Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gorgeous wear for "gorgeous" women!

My friend Gai from Tasmania once sent me a list of words to describe women with "generously-endowed" figures.  The first word on that list was "gorgeous", so I reckon I can't better that, at this time!

But now let's concentrate of some gorgeous clothes for a change.  Yes, I know I've been apt to concentrate on "attitudes" and "discrimination" for a long while, and I've decided to try another tack, and present some positive messages by way of beautiful clothes.

Making It Big has been a favourite supplier of mine for a long while.   What I like about their catalogues and website is that they use "gorgeous" models - women with lovely figures and curves where a girl's curves should be!

One particular garment has taken my eye this week.  Its the Saffi Duster.   I just love "dusters" - they can lift an outfit from the ordinary to the stunning so easily.  At work and you are invited to go for dinner afterwards?  With this delightful duster in your tote, you can't go wrong.   Visit the MIB website at www.makingitbig.com


  1. Gorgeous. I love it! And what a gorgeous model for sure.:-)

  2. Yes, we need more models in our magazines and brochures who have "gorgeous" curves. And it's important for a plus-size girl/woman to see someone she can identify with, wearing a garment that looks right on those delightful curves. We can't imagine or visualise what something will look like on us, when the model wearing the garment in the magazine is only a size 6!