Wednesday, August 17, 2011

There's a touch of the artist's palette!

Artists and painters are never afraid to use colours - bright, flashy, sassy colours. Sexy, seductive colours. Colours that make you want to shout - YES!    The world around us is full of extreme and sensational colours, every season of the year, and yet sometimes we're too busy to see them.

Young people aren't afraid to experiment with colours in their dress,  yet for some reason, those of us who are seen to be "plus-size" (and more) become more and more hesitant to use and wear colours as we grow older.  Perhaps we've never been brave enough to wear colours.   We believe what we're told about the basic black, white, grey, navy blue and brown being the best (and therefore by inference the only colours to wear) and we wear those colours without ever thinking that even if we do like them, we could brighten them, and our lives, up a bit.  Easily, and inexpensively.

I just found this photo on the internet from Fashion NZ, and the colours really hit me - in the middle of my face.   Because whatever age, or size or shape you may be, there's absolutely no reason whatever why you shouldn't wear these colours either.  (Even if only as a contrast to your favourite of black or ....., say as a scarf, cami, jacket, cummerbund).    And it's not only the fact that one colour can be inserted into your wardrobe for colour - the trick is to use more than one - look at the second photo - there are three, and unless you feel blinded by so much colour, why not try something like this?

Copyright Fashion NZ (photo from the internet)

Now don't look at the photo too closely as far as the shape and size of the model is concerned - that's not the point - the point is to open your eyes to the beauty and astonishment of colour.   Take it in, breath it in, experiment with it, and then apply it to your own wardrobe.  Spring will be in your step as well as your feelings.

It looks like silk and satin have made a "return" and that's good.  Don't be afraid to wear these fabrics - should you think that the "shine" will make you look bigger, again think "contrast" as mentioned above. It's amazing what a little thought and courage can do to a girl's ego.

(I still get a little concerned when I see young model's legs as photographed above - they don't look like legs - they look like sticks and sticks that will break easily.  There's something wrong with them from my point of view, but that's my personal opinion.  I like legs to look like legs! - just as I like girls to look like girls!  Girls with a few or a lot of curves!  And please don't let me get onto the subject of "pouting" - those girls look starved, unhappy, bad tempered, discontented, angry.  But that's for another "post"!)

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