Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fantasy "wish-list"

A recent advertisement in the Weekend Australian took my eye.  A lovely old Inn in Tasmania, and presently operating as a Bed and Breakfast.

The name of the property is the St Andrews Inn, built in 1845, in a place called Cleveland, Tasmania.    I'd stopped off at the St Andrews Inn many years ago, on a touring holiday of Tasmania and just loved the way this beautiful old Inn looked - it has character, and style (just like us).

I read the blurb - "the building is very well maintained, with good heating, well appointed rooms, antique furniture, carpets, curtains, commercial kitchen, cool room all in a very good condition.  There is a sun room, a walled garden, large decking area, orchard and vegetable garden on approximately 1.75 hectares".   I hadn't even finished reading the wording than I immediately took out my pen and notebook and added it to my
"fantasy wish-list".  

What would I do with it if I owned it?  Simple really.

I'd manage it as a "Retreat" for plus-size women.   A place where they could relax for a week or longer if required;  a lovely private room fitted out with antique furniture; plenty of clean fresh air;  excellent dining facilities;  massage, sauna and spa as well as on-site hairdressing and makeup technicians.   A bus trip to Launceston/Hobart/Burnie for mad shopping sprees.  A visit to the Lavender Farms and other places of interest.  Afternoon tea (or High Tea) at the Sheraton Hotel, Hobart, and a pleasant stroll around Salamanca Markets.

A walled garden in which to sit and meditate;  to rest and read a favourite book;  or a place to have a sleepy little doze.  If it were cold then we'd retire to the sun-room.   In the evening we'd play cards, stand around the piano and sing to our heart's content, play charades or just sit and sip a glass of champagne.

We'd all dress up for the evening meal in long gowns, and deck ourselves out in favourite jewellery (even if it were only paste or costume), after being pampered by our beauty technicians.

There'd be no such thing as talk about 'diets', or having to lose weight, or trying to meet unrealistic demands from other people who see our size as something to be scoffed at.  

We'd be at ease and we'd be so "spoiled" that the retreat would be a frequent repeat performance.  And others would come too.

Well - we can all "dream", can't we?    And to be honest I've thought about something like this for decades.

Of course I can't afford the $700k plus, but it's nice to have such a "dream".

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