Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lingerie that we deserve!

I don't know about you, but there are times when I throw up my hands in dismay when it comes to what I can buy in the stores in lingerie.

For so many years I've been questioning why the bigger stores here in Australia, don't carry lines of lingerie for women with generous curves, that are attractive if not downright sexy.   Not only sexy in looks but which make the wearer feel sexy, regardless of age, size or shape.

We've covered the subject of bras particularly having undergone many changes in the past couple of years whereby young women with small breasts have demanded more choice in the depth of the cups of their bras.   Many women have gone from a B, C or D cup into a F, G and even H cup.

But the "gorgeous" women of size 24 and upwards has very little choice, at any time.   Yes, there are occasional bras in satin but nothing that you'd jump up and down with joy about.    I'm still looking and I'm not giving up, but occasionally I get somewhat frustrated at what the Australian market offers to the discerning woman of size.

Many women of size have lovely breasts; and given the opportunity of a slight and meaningful lift, can then confidently wear their dresses and tops, with pride.   Bras that just cover the breasts but have no lift only do part of the job.

How often, honestly, do you see a range of bras in somewhat exciting designs, and colours, and fabrics (throw out those dreadful beige, beige, beige coloured bras please!), for the larger woman?   Not often enough.   I'd like to think our approaches to the department stores will one day bear fruit, as well as a selection of choice that we deserve.   We all deserve to have the best.

(Bra from Evans, UK)
I don't know how long Evans have been shipping to Australia but this is exciting news.  Visit their site at

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