Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two items from the "newest trends for 2011"

Here are two items that you'll either love or hate.   Me - I just love the camel hair three quarter coat with tie belt.   It's something I have tried to include in my classic list of clothing over the years, and it's a real delight to see this garment and style back in vogue.  It doesn't matter if you slim or plus-size, this garment is a real asset to you and your wardrobe.

The other item in which you may indulge your fantasies is the sexy sequinned high heeled shoes. You'd better be sure of your balance before venturing out with these, but hey they may just the thing to sit on your dresser and admire!  (Imelda Marcus loved her shoes, and had quite a collection, as did Rose Porteus (Aust).)  Could be an expensive hobby though!

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