Friday, September 9, 2011

Devonshire Tea

A firm favourite for many decades, the delicious Devonshire tea continues to shine as an example of simple homely pleasures.

This blog is one that includes all sorts of trivia - but all with a focus on the enjoyment of life for the plus-size woman.

And where does Devonshire Tea come into this?  Quite simply - plus size women should have the privilege of enjoying their leisure time to the same degree as their thinner sisters, without being ostracised about being "too fat" and therefore by innuendo shouldn't be eating food of this nature.

I'm firmly of the opinion that we should ALL enjoy these sorts of pleasures without having to justify our choices or decisions to anyone.

I know of women who have been stared at;  who have been told they "shouldn't eat that!", and laughed at and ridiculed, all because they had the temerity to sit down to morning/afternoon tea.  What right does anyone have to inflict such discrimination on another person?

So I say - get out there and enjoy life.  Learn to love yourself for who you are and what you are and indulge in these little niceties to remind yourself that you are a unique and beautiful person.  No one has the right to treat you with any less respect than you deserve.

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