Thursday, September 8, 2011

You CAN'T wear that!

If you've ever had this said to you then join the club.   It's about time that other women who try and impose their will upon us, and I even include family members as well as acquaintances, are shown and told that it's not always them who know what's best for us - we have that privilege!

For a woman who is generously endowed it is often easier to "give in" and agree with those who tell her what she should and shouldn't wear.  It's easier for a number of reasons - mainly to do with preferring not to get into an argument, and even moreso losing what we think is a caring or friendly relationship with that person.

But there comes a time when we all have to be accountable to ourselves.   It's no good "giving in" to other's demands or perceptions of how we should live our lives, when those perceptions and standards don't fit in with our own.  For we are intelligent women and have instincts that will prove beyond doubt that we know best, and sometimes we forget it.

If you want to dress in a certain style - romantic, nostalgic, conventional, trendy, quirky, loud or sassy, then that's your decision and you should be allowed to choose your style without having to justify it with anyone else.

I think this is why in recent times, many curvaceous women have taken a stand, and society doesn't always like what they now see in us.  They don't like the thought that we won't do as they say, but prefer to make our own decisions.  In other words they've lost the power to control us, either by innuendo or straight out domination.

So if you see clothing that fits YOUR idea of personal style and choice, go ahead and wear it.  Don't be held back by people who like to think they know best.   In the long run, you'll be a much happier person.

The above outfit is from The Cupboard, New Zealand.  In sizes up to 16 - BUT they can meet your requirements as they make to measure.


  1. This is a good way to look at things. I like colorful. I am in my 60's and grew up hearing how "slimming" black was and blue was. So, nearly everything I bought was blue.

    My husband finally asked me to try something else when I asked him which blue fabric he liked for a robe I was about to make for myself. He told me to try something besides blue. I did, and he loved it! And so did I. It was a real eye opener to discover that I could wear other colors besides blue. LOL

    That sounds so simple and obvious, when when people are telling you that you "need to lose weight" and that you should wear blue because it is slimming, and that you can't wear this style or that one, well, eventually I fell into believing it.

    When i discovered I could wear color, it opened up my creativity as well. Color simply helped me open my life wider and deeper. What a wonderful thing!

  2. Yes, it's amazing just how much notice we took of everyone who told us we couldn't (shouldn't) wear colours or florals or peplums of even stripes. We shied away from these things that we would have loved to wear, thinking that we were doing the right thing. But we actually sometimes let ourselves down by giving in to others who thought they knew best. Isn't it nice to get to the stage where we can be allowed to think for ourselves and enjoy every decision we make when it comes to how we dress.