Friday, September 30, 2011

Something Old, Something New!

It's funny how fashion sometimes goes full circle. And in doing so, it seldom occurs to us that maybe fashion of today is based (sometimes directly and sometimes loosely) on what we had as "fashion" decades ago.

For women of size, I always like to encourage them to think "positively", not only about how they live their lives but also their attitude towards themselves and how they look in the here and now (not waiting until they lose 20 lb!).

I met a young lass the other day who recently appeared on national television as a "collector". A collector of aprons. All sorts of designs, styles, and all sorts of fabrics. From hessian (heavily embroidered) to soft floating chiffon and muslin. There are florals, pastels, vivid stripes, spots, multi-coloureds, single colours; embellished (with sequins, beading, laces etc). Some with frills, some plain, even one of two Victorian styled aprons that covered our Great Grandma's ample bosums and came almost to ankle length (to protect the ankle length dresses she wore).

Then a couple of days ago one of my friends who is a member of a plus-size group, mentioned that she had asked about aprons during some of their discussions.

That got me thinking. Just why is it that we don't bring back "Aprons" as part of our life-style? It's not so old-fashioned when you think about it! Especially for the woman who wants to retain her femininity in today's' household - particularly the kitchen. They're not only "pretty", but they're practical! And who doesn't need something pretty occasionally to make us feel happy?

I meet a lot of women who strive for "equality" in today's workplace - they insist that they want to be treated equal in all things both in their career and in their home. Yet it surprises them at times when talking over how they lead their lives, to learn from other women that they enjoy their femininity within their life-styles, just as much as their "equality".

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