Friday, September 2, 2011

A couple of posts!

Firstly,  wanted to share this pic of Times Square Railway station, with water cascading down the stairs, following their recent floodwaters from Hurricana Irene.   No wonder everyone stayed home!

We're keeping abreast of the news in the US as regards the effects and aftermath of the Hurricane, but continue to send our best wishes to everyone anyway.

Secondly, must share with you some more fashion for the plus-size from the US.   Yes, I know I concentrate on the US market, but honestly I can't find much to compare over here.  (Let me hasten to say however, that those Australian suppliers that I do frequently highlight are always high on my list of favourites, and they remain so - they know full well who they are, because they often get a "plug" through this blog as well as through the regular newsletter itself!)

Have a look at the most recent news from Monif C, promoting their Autumn collection.   And if you don't think to yourself "wow", then you really can't be serious about seeing the progression into serious fashion for the plus-size as it is being undertaken by our American designers/suppliers.

Visit Monif C's website at

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