Monday, September 26, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is here the grass is 'ris
I wonders where the flowers is!
(a little rhyme that we used to sing when we were kids).

Well, it's officially Spring here in Australia.  Yet the weather is being typically contrary.  It doesn't know, (or want to know) that the cold, chilly nights and patchy-rainy days should be letting go and allowing the beautiful spring sunshine to come through.

However, the gardens are a picture, with flaming blooms on camellias, magnolias, the Australian wattles (so many different ones). Cuddled into the soil and ready to break forth  are the hyacinths, the snowbells, the jonquils and daffodils and the absolutely lovely tulips of every colour. I see also where my small white star-clematis is trying valiantly to break its buds and burst out in bloom.  The star-jasmine has been hidden for some time but the perfume tickles the nose before you see it and if you follow the trail you'll find all sorts of little treasures in the soil.   The prunus and early blossom trees, especially the cherry blossom are out and pronouncing that they are a force to contend with.

But Spring always and also reminds me that it's time for the plus-sizers or the curvaceous ones, to burst forth from their dreary and dull winter colours and to shout to the world, hey look at me, I'm beautiful too!

We claim the right to look as attractive as any other woman (of every other size), given that we can actually buy lovely coloured clothing, (or should I say that it is actually available). So come on suppliers of plus-size clothing, get with the colour palettes and give us some fantastic choices. Even if we wear them with basic black pants and jackets. Let the jewels shine! 

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