Thursday, September 1, 2011


You've got to admire the overseas dress designers/manufacturers who identify with the dreams of plus-size "gorgeous" women.

There are times when we dream of "fantasy" gowns, conservative fashion, trendy fashion, up to the minute and stylish fashion.   There are times too, when we want something that is elegantly under-stated.  Something that will actually "make a statement", and make heads turn when we enter the room - for no other reason but to admire and then compliment.

What are your thoughts on this dress?


A regular Merino Wool Cable Detail Dress, up to size XXL (24). 

A really elegant knitted dress in a super-soft merino wool with mini cable stitching below the waist.  The ribbed effect of the cabling helps to keep the shape, while adding a subtle textural depth.  So simple and yet so very chic in these sophisticated autumnal shared.        (Copyright

Sizes S (8-10), M (12-14), L (16-18), XL (20-22), XXL (24)

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