Saturday, October 15, 2011

Travelling in comfort for the plus-size!

About this time last year I made a quick visit to Sydney.  A surprise visit to share in my brother's birthday celebrations! I had a wonderful time, even though I only spent two days in Sydney. While I had left Melbourne having grey skies and rain, I arrived in Sydney to find even more grey skies, rain and bitterly cold. But that certainly didn't dampen my spirits!

But I thought you'd like to know something about air travel today. In the past even travelling by the more expensive airline Qantas I've had to request a seat belt extender. In fact a number of longer trips I've done to the West I was most uncomfortable with Qantas - it was almost as though the seating had shrunk from the previous time I'd flown with them!

But on other occasions I travelled with Virgin Blue and found the seating comfortable and the seat belts were sufficiently long enough to enfold my ample curves!

The same this time. I did request a seat belt extender as I entered the plane, but I found to my delight that when seated, the seat belt once again fitted! I was ecstatic!

I'm a great observer of people and situations, as you probably are aware by now, and I saw many business men of ample size and sort-of-ample sizes who fitted in comfortably to the Virgin Blue seats. Suffice to say I've heard from many other businessmen that they have had a few difficulties when travelling with Qantas over time too.

Is it that Virgin Blue have realised their seating is required for slightly wider, taller and heavier passengers these days? Whatever the answer, I have to say the trip to Sydney and back was great! (Even taking into account the fact we flew through storms both ways).

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