Sunday, October 16, 2011

Full Figured Fashion Shows

A highly publicised fashion event such as the Full Figured Fashion Week held in the US shows how professional such an event can be.  And should be.

I've attended a number of similar "Plus-Size" Fashion events over the years both here in the Eastern States as well as in Perth Western Australia, and in my humble opinion the women who organise these events in Victoria particularly need to study, before throwing these events,  the focus audience situation a lot more deeply than they apparently do and to expand their thoughts into incorporating as many clothing suppliers as possible.

Fun, jokes and laughter have to be a part of the evening (or afternoon) events;  but there has to be a balance between humorous and series.    I say this respectfully because those few that I've attended in the Eastern States have been spoiled by the fact that the women in charge, including the models, seem intent of making fun of themselves and the garments they wear, rather than taking pride in the fact that they are curvaceous women wearing beautiful, flattering garments.   What I found was that they denigrated themselves rather than promoted the fact that they are beautiful, sensual women.

I'm not taking sides (ie. Eastern States versus West) but the Perth Breakfasts and Dinners that combined with plus-size fashion shows, were done professionally and their audiences and guests always included people like you and me, as well as buyers from the major retail stores, representatives from leading labels, as well as a sprinkling of business and professional women from that City.   Bridal salons, boutiques and smaller specialised clothing stores all took a part in these events, by taking up the opportunity of displaying some of their garments in a room set aside for that purpose.   This meant that everyone has the opportunity of seeing what was available in Perth through its stores and boutiques, and might I add, a number of top-flight dressmakers also displayed some of their special garments.   Orders were placed for items of interest, and appointments made to visit salons or dressmakers rooms to discuss possible garments.

An interesting point about the Perth shows also was that many Eastern States labels were highlighted at the Perth events;  the companies obviously saw the advantage of displaying their clothes over in the West.

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