Saturday, October 29, 2011

Spring Racing Carnival

Today the women of Melbourne are dressing up in their finery for the start of the Spring Racing Carnival.  (I'm writing this early Saturday afternoon, the 29th October).

While the weather is somewhat overcast, the infectious excitement that this season brings is easily seen in how the girls dress up.  I often wonder why women don't dress up all the year round, rather than just going all out just for the racing season.  

This morning though I've been a little surprised to see the majority of women dressing in black and white.  Now I don't know whether this was a prerequisite of being seen and interviewed, but I do hope that bright colours come into the picture as the season progresses.   On that subject though you'll see one lass wearing bright green with a pink hat - she obviously likes the idea of "block colours" that is a current trend.  Of course we used to describe this trend as merely "wearing contrasting colours", but there you go even the descriptions undergo changes themselves!

With that said however, and of course this blog is for women of ALL ages, ALL sizes and ALL shapes, let's have a quick look at a couple of outfits seen this morning.

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