Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pretty Petties!

I recently spoke with a young woman who had done one of those Buy From Op Shops Bus Trip.   Most ladies who go on these bus trips look for "current fashion" bargains.

So I was surprised with Bec mentioned that she had only looked for, and bought, vintage clothing.  And one particular item of clothing at that.

Are there any readers who recall the full skirted dresses that had petticoats as part of the garment; as well as those lovely white lawn full skirted petticoats that were full of interesting embellishments.  Lace inserts; mock quilting; threaded ribbon around the hem and down the skirt itself; even embroidery in tones of white as well as full colour embroidery in Coates silk threads?

Well Bec had a VERY successful day she told me - she'd found not one, not two, but eight different petticoats, and she was ecstatic (as one would be!).   These petticoats are not for wearing under her vintage 1950s dresses - oh, no, they're to be worn as skirts in their own right.   Those that are plain Bec intends embroidering and adding lace panels and highlights.

It just goes to show that looking at garments from a different perspective, opens new and exciting ways of dressing. Bec has a couple of those teasing waist cinchers - tight elastic with a buckle, and because she is curvy, with a defined waist, she's going to wow everyone who sees her wearing her petticoat collection.


  1. Wow yor friend certainly had a good find. My youngest is very much into vintage and I must say I love the look myself. Only wish I could dress the same way.

  2. There's something about vintage clothing - I love the fabrics. And it is quite amazing what you can do with a garment that may be a really small size (in bust and waist measurements) but because of the volume of fabric in the skirt, can be turned into something anyone can wear. Full circle skirts were usually four yards and because they were almost ankle length (the 50s), a good dressmaker could get long line tunics and/or waistcoats out of them with little bother.