Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nothing to wear to the office?

Well, many of us have said this over the years.  And quite honestly it was difficult to find clothing that spoke of  "professional woman" - up until recently that is.   No matter what we chose to wear, there were always comments that we dressed too frilly or feminine or else tried to emulate the male attire.   Such as suits - jackets and pants, and plain shirts, even wearing a tie to smarten things up a bit.  But even though we got a fair bit of flak, we persevered.

For the professional woman of the early 21st Century though, there are garments aplenty.  And these garments make a definite statement.  "I am a professional woman, working in the area of ........., and I dress according to my personal choices and I look and feel good."   More importantly, today's woman KNOWS what she likes, and she follows her instincts that she's learned will always tell her the right thing, especially when it comes to personal style.

Take for example, this beautiful dress from Igigi,  Quite a sensational look.

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