Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fashion Makeover

Do you have clothing in your wardrobe that you've grown out of? Or perhaps find some of them to be too big?

There's no doubt our bodies change shape over the years, and while we may not actually "lose" weight, often we will notice that our clothes don't quite fit the way they used to, or should do. Following pregnancy and the birth of a baby quite a few clothes need to be altered too, and this can help the budget especially when the garments are favourites.

While it's expensive to have your own personal dressmaker, a lot of women have taken up the challenge and now offer "alteration services". These range from sewing hems on jeans, pants, skirts as well as putting new elastic around the waistlines. However, a lot of these people actually do dressmaking and have found a valuable market in providing their services to the every-day woman who wants to upgrade her wardrobe without having to buy new clothes.

As a very proficient, qualified dressmaker said recently, "knowing someone's body and shape is the key to doing good alterations work". A good alteration expert can tell if the shoulder is dropped and the hip is high and remake garments taking into account all the important aspects of a good fitting garment.

Suggestions may range from changing a hemline by not merely following the fashion, but looking at the vertical line of their height and to judge according to the hemline, and that good tailoring makes it more fashionable. Adding darts can make all the difference from a dowdy looking garment to a smart, stylish fitted garment - even if you are plus size!

Above all, tailoring to YOUR body can better the look of the garment, making it appear superior in quality and cut.

"It doesn't have to be Chanel - it can be Target. But if it fits well, you look good and you feel good", says Frances Le-Caria of Camberwell, Victoria.

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