Friday, October 7, 2011

Growing older - does it mean falling off the perch?

There are days when getting up out of bed is a breeze!   You throw off the bed covers, and spritely stand up, ready to face the day.   You quickly shower (it doesn't take as much time when you feel bright like this than other days when everything is grey!); you get dressed, do your hair and apply your makeup, and begin the day's activities.  You're filled with the joy of standing upright, not being reminded of the arthritic aches and pains.  You're alert and eager to be and do things.  You may have planned the entire day or else of a mind to allow everything to just happen spontaneously.

Then there are those grey days I spoke about.  It's not only the skies that are grey, but the feeling that you're not really inclined to stagger out of bed.  You're not too keen to bother with the shower at such an early hour;  choosing what you're going to wear is a bit of a hassle (why not just toss on what you wore yesterday?).  As for doing your hair and putting on some makeup - well, why bother?

We all experience these types of days.   For some of us, it's easier to complain about the "grey days" and accept the good days without a thought as to our own personal attitudes.  

Because if doesn't matter if you're growing older, or only a teenager, there are always going to be "grey" days and good days.   It's all a matter of fact.   It's what we do with the variances that is important.

I know a person or two who complain about everything.  Honestly.  They complain about the fact that the kettle doesn't boil water the same from one day to the next (how they figure this out I really don't know!).  They complain about the television programmes not being to their liking (they're too darned lazy to turn the TV off!);  they complain about their neighbours ("their kids make so much noise" - well!  let's face it, the world would be worse off if the children never said anything or giggled or laughed or sang or played); the bread doesn't taste the same as it used to;  they don't like Mrs so and so who lives over the road;  they whinge about the grass growing in the backyard;  the traffic congestion morning and night puta them in a bad mood that lasts the entire day; they need a hair trim but can't fit it in with all their other busy-ness;  the teenagers are hassling them about this, that and the other; and the dog needs a bath.  In other words they're very unhappy, and sadly embittered people.

Then there are those people who start the day off singing.  I'd like to be seen and known as one of these people.   Because even though it might not have any influence on those around us, it most certainly influences how well I see myself and my world.   And there's no reason to suspect that falling off a perch is something a growing older person HAS to worry about!   Hanging on to that perch is not only adventurous and brave, it's downright exciting.

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