Monday, October 31, 2011

What's this fascination with fascinators?

Have you noticed that "fascinators" are still fascinating women?   What is it about fascinators that appeal to women of all ages?   (And women don't seem to worry about the cost - some of them are around the $200-300 mark!)   And fascinators that sit hanging down over one ear compel me to question (and hold my breath) that they'll fall off if the breeze lifts!

Hats are beautiful creations that will set off an outfit to such an extent that people will look and say, "oooh", and "aaah".   A lot of fascinators look the same or at the least similar to each other.  But look at it the other way - there are craft shops that sell all the parts needed to make a personal fascinator, and there's something really pleasing about making something yourself.  A few feathers, some sequins, a flower or butterfly, a little veiling, and a glue gun, and you can create all sorts of wonderful fascinators.

So it looks as though fascinators are with us for while, and that's good, because "dressing up" needs to be for the whole person, not just the body, the feet and the hands.  A lovely dress, matching shoes and handbag will always be complimented by a lovely hat, be it a large flowery one or a feathery whimsical fascinator!

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