Wednesday, October 26, 2011

There's a feeling of Spring!

What strange weather we're having here in the Eastern States of Australia.   It's supposed to be Spring - well officially the 1st September is supposed to be the first day, but this year things seem to have gone a bit haywire.   While we've had a couple of beautiful days with bright skies, sun shining and a general feeling of wellness that is associated with better weather, the majority of days have skirted around the 12 to 15 degree mark (top temperature!), with one day in between of 30!

So much for being able to pack away the winter clothes and to bring out the spring/summery garments.

Yet there is some great plus-size fashion coming out at the moment, and in many cases, by Australian designers and suppliers.

Maggie T ( is a by-word when it comes to the understanding of what a more curvaceous woman needs when it comes to fashion.   She knows, because as she tells it, "I am one (plus-size, that is)!"

So here are a couple of the latest tops/jackets.  You'll notice that they sit below hip length, which is the length we all need, especially when we have those curvy "saddles".   A hip length jacket will always bring compliments, and the front view as well as profile will always encourage you to stay with sensible lengths, rather than above the waist or sitting on the hip!

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