Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comfort food!

Well, that was an interesting post on comfort food we had recently.   I heard from a friend through Google, and a variety of emails from ladies from around Australia as well as from Europe.

It's interesting to hear what any one person thinks of as "comfort food".   Here are some of the suggestions, and I have to say, I was in total agreement when I saw that Macaroni and Cheese was high on the list.  Then there's Spaghetti Bolognaise; Lamb Shanks and vegetables; Home made Meatloaf; Chicken Snitzel; Egg and Bacon Pie:  Irish Stew and Dumplings: Bread and Butter Pudding; Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding; Crepes and Big Pancakes.    And of course as in our earlier post, Sausages and Mash1

It's also encouraging to hear that so many are now preparing meals at home rather than going out for dinner more than a couple of times a week.   It could be stretching the budget or it could be that more and more women are remembering what it was like when they were younger and they came home from achool and or work, to find warm nourishing meals placed on the table.  And those meals were prepared with love by their Mums and Grandmas.

(Photos from the Internet).

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