Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new collection at Myer

The soon to be launched fashion range at Myer, the Sonia Kruger Collection has been designed (with collaboration from Design Works - I may be corrected on this point),  by 46 year old Sonia Kruger, and has a special element within the shape of all her dresses.

It's amazing that this hasn't been thought of before, but Sonia Kruger has incorporated a bodyshape garment within all her dresses - an all in one I suppose you'd say.

Unfortunately for the plus size women, the range only goes up to size 16.  But who knows?  It makes sense to me to have a body-shape incorporated into any dress - including those for the plus sizer.  

Myer have apparently already shown interest in a second collection to be released in 2012. While most of the garments are supposed to be "about" $200, it's quite clear that this is the bottom line of the price range, as some are $269 and $299.

*  Sonia Kruger has made the headlines again during the past week or so by leaving Dancing with the Stars, and becoming host of Big Brother which will be returning to our television screens next year.  She has also switched channels from 7 to 9, and will be hosting a new show, replacing Kerrie Anne Kennelley who has been sidelined in favour of Kruger (who appears to be the current flavour of the month).   

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