Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's with Spring?

Can't believe it.  Today it was around 28 degrees with sun shining nicely and then the sun went down and the temperature fell to around 12,  and it's cold!    That means instead of being able to float around in glamourous chiffony (OK, cotton or linen) summery garments until bed time, it's a matter of rummaging around trying to find a nice cardigan to keep out the chill.

So it's a matter it seems of seeking out lovely clothing from the other side of the world to keep us happy while we complain about the weather here in Oz.   (I've read though that many of our American sisters particularly are complaining about the fact that Fall seems to have passed them by and they're already well into Winter as well!)

But let's get back to basics.  I found this beautiful cardigan from  Isn't it attractive?

PS  This is yet another case of colours that you think may not suit you.  I usually can't wear yellow or orange but I found that by ensuring the basic colour that DOES suit me near the face, even a scarf, (i.e. either white of black) that I can wear the colours I never thought of wearing in years gone by.  It's all a matter of a change in mind-set.  Experiment - always experiment.

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