Saturday, November 26, 2011

When will Swing Jackets return?

There's an old saying that what goes round comes round.   And with fashion, that's very true in many respects.   Full circle skirts;  flared jeans;  mini skirts;  ponchos;  muu muus to mention a few.

But I've been waiting for a long long time for the return of Swing Jackets.   I haven't been able to find any since they first became popular back in the 1950s.

They were so attractive, and plus size girls always liked the idea that swing jackets gave the illusion of slimness.  I guess it was because we wore slim skirts or slacks - yes even plus sizers - which the swing jacket complimented.

In my wardrobe are a number of items that are "collectibles" - which I still wear on special occasions.  One of those garments is a swing jacket and because it has magyar sleeves, I proudly show off the label and the size mentioned on that label.  Size 14.  Australian size 14.     And you can tell from my profile picture that I'm anything but size 14!

Here's an example of what I mean by Swing Jackets to those who may not have come across them before.  They were usually lined with a contrast colour which gave us many options.   These photos are of Jane Russell who was always considered to be a curvaceous woman and she got away with wearing a lot of garments that enhanced her curves.   This is what we need today - clothes that enhance our curves, not hide them!

If you know of any supplier that has a swing jacket in their collection, then please let me know.


  1. Would this

    be what you had in mind?

  2. It certainly is similar Mary-Anne, although the 1950s swing jacket had a lot of swing right from the shoulder. (In fact almost like a half circle skirt at times - they had plenty of fabric!) The Roamans one (and I can't see a back view to compare the jackets) seems to be a lot slimmer - however this is about the best example I've seen for a long time. Many thanks for giving me the link.

    Look forward to more of your participation in the future. I love sharing info that will give plus size women lots to think about, rather than just being content with what's in the current marketplace - which as you'll probably agree, can become a bit boring and unimaginative, most of the time.