Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Is this "fashion" or not?

At a recent seminar the subject was raised, by some of the young men attending, as to what is considered to be the "suitable dress code" for today's workplace.  At first this may seem a little strange, given that young people seem intent on breaking down all previous and pre-existing codes of dress, whether inside the workplace or in their private lives.

Quite a discussion followed, and it was interesting to hear that many of the male attendees thought that some sort of reasonable dress code should be promoted within their ranks, rather than anyone wearing what they like, in whatever condition that clothing may be.  It seems that high standards are still sought by the young.  (The idea of dressing any way they liked on Fridays seems to have run its course?)

That gave me some thought, and when I visited the post office on the way home, I caught a glimpse of the "latest" gear for the up and coming male "professional" in the window of a boutique store nearby.  Having my camera gave me the opportunity to take a shot.  

I don't think this is quite a dress code that the young attendees to the seminar were thinking about, but it does pose a couple of questions.  Firstly is this suitable for a young professional person in his workplace, and secondly are the jeans in particular worth $200?   And yes, those are deliberate tears in the knees, and the fabric looks as though it's been recycled many times over with the obvious tendency to becoming threadbare around the pockets.  This is NOT a charity shop with second hand goods, but a boutique store well known for it's trendy gear and accepted for being forward-thinking in it's professional wear. 

What do you think?

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