Monday, November 14, 2011

When in doubt , wear red, then perhaps white

As a plus-sizer (well I prefer calling myself curvaceous), I just love cowl neck sweaters.  People tell me I shouldn't.  Why?   Because I have a bust, I suppose.   What I think more likely is that they're jealous that I can wear cowlnecks and that I always feel good wearing them.

Anything that has a batwing or magyar sleeves will always compliment a shapely woman.   (Quite often too it's possible to go for a smaller size because the batwing effect gives so much more room about the bust and midriff).

So take a look at these from Avenue (

First a Cowlneck Diamond Sweater

And then for a change white not go for white (yes, don't believe the critics, we can all wear white and we can look stunning).  Again from Avenue.

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