Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Melbourne Cup 2011

While the photos on the Melbourne Cup 2011 Pages (see link under Pages) may appear a little grainy, (due to having been taken by a digital camera aimed at the television!) they will give some idea of the spectacle that is the Melbourne Cup.  I do wonder though, why in temperatures of 14-18 degrees that women will wear sleeveless dresses.   While there were pre-Cup commentaries along the lines that "fascinators" are out, this obviously didn't deter most women wearing them.   I guess there's a difference between a "fascinator" and a hat, but the majority that I saw on the telecast this afternoon showed fascinators in all sizes and it was difficult to find a "real" hat.

But that doesn't in any way suggest that all the ladies at the Cup didn't enjoy themselves immensely - maybe the weather was overcast, but there was, apparently a lot of champagne to warm the hearts of most racegoers.

While I try never to be negative, I can't understand why "top" models who are dressed by the most fashionable designers in the country (dress, hat, shoes and handbag) they spoil the entire look by untidy hair.  This photograph was taken very early in the morning of the Cup, not after hours of being entertained and interviewed, so I wonder why the lank hair!  This is Jennifer Hawkins, one of the highest paid models in Australia - does she really look the part?

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