Saturday, November 5, 2011

OAKS DAY - 2011

This is the day where women go "ALL OUT" for fashion's sake.  Some succeed, others just have fun.

Then there are the "IMPORTED STARS", and that's not the race horses.   This year two "celebrities" were brought in from overseas - Sarah Jessica Parker 

All above photos copyright R Parry-Brock

and the inimitable Joan Collins, who outshone all competitors and proved that when a woman has established her own style of dress, that she can get away with it time and time again.  Isn't there an old saying, practice makes perfect?

(Photo 9 World of Sports).

On the traditional ladies day, 78 YEAR OLD JOAN COLLINS had a few words of wisdom for the young girls on how to look glamorous on a day at the races.

"I think it takes effort and a little bit of mystery and certainly it helps if you wear makeup I think," Collins said.

"I don't think you can be glamorous without wearing makeup."

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