Saturday, November 12, 2011

Approaching the "Party" Season

Have you ever been invited to a special event or function and you're never quite sure how you should behave, or more importantly what the etiquette demands for that particular occasion?  Have you ever stayed at home because you felt you couldn't cope with the anxiety of not wanting to make a fool of yourself?  Have you ever gone to the event and felt embarrassed all night because you made a couple of faux pas?  Do you relive those embarrassing moments?

I wish that I had known some of these "do's" during my younger years.  They would have solved a lot of negative self-talk when I did a few things wrong.  

So, here's a great little list of the "10 Do's as they apply to Dinner Table Etiquette".   Read them, learn them, and then go out and enjoy yourself knowing that you have the knowledge to enjoy your evening (or function) without any worries of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Good etiquette is an asset - it's not old-fashioned or out of date.   These pointers are handy to know, because you may receive an invitation out of the blue and it's always good to be well prepared.    

Dinner Table Etiquette - the 10 Do's!

  1. Once seated, unfold your napkin and use it for occasionally wiping your lips or fingers. At the end of dinner, leave the napkin tidily on the place setting.
  2. It is good dinner table etiquette to serve the lady sitting to the right of the host first, then the other ladies in a clockwise direction, and lastly the gentlemen.
  3. Hold the knife and fork with the handles in the palm of the hand, forefinger on top, and thumb underneath.
  4. Whilst eating, you may if you wish rest the knife and fork on either side of the plate between mouthfuls. When you have finished eating, place them side by side in the centre of the plate.
  5. If the food presented to you is not to your liking, it is polite to at least make some attempt to eat a small amount of it. Or at the very least, cut it up a little, and move it around the plate!
  6. It is quite acceptable to leave some food to one side of your plate if you feel as though you have eaten enough. On the other hand, don't attempt to leave your plate so clean that it looks as though you haven't eaten in days!
  7. Desserts may be eaten with both a spoon and fork, or alternatively a fork alone if it is a cake or pastry style sweet.
  8. Should a lady wish to be excused for the bathroom, it is polite for the gentlemen to stand up as she leaves the table, sit down again, and then stand once more when she returns.
  9. Always make a point of thanking the host and hostess for their hospitality before leaving.
  10. It is good dinner table etiquette to send a personal thank you note to the host and hostess shortly afterwards.


  1. I remember all my life when we used to go to dinners, passing counter clockwise. I'm in the USA. Do you think that's because you are in the southern hemisphere and we're in the northern, so the plates flow easily going opposite like that? haahahh LOL

    Oh, I am SO SORRY. Forgive me. Please. HAHAH

  2. You know, being in the Southern Hemisphere does bring with it a whole lot of subtle differences in many aspects of life! So it's good to find someone with a weird sense of humour just like me.