Sunday, November 27, 2011

Some of the pre-Christmas specials on sale in America

You will have noticed, I am sure, that I promote a lot of American suppliers and their websites.  While there are a number of suppliers here in Australia who provide really lovely clothing for the plus sizers,  there are far more now in America who for some reason their  designs appear to be more flattering for the curvy figure.

So this post, once again, presents Igigi.   They've presently got a sale going, and I'd encourage my Australian readers also to have a look at Igigi's website, and to take advantage of the pre-Christmas sales.  (Some of the prices are well below what are on sale here at K Mart and many of the chain retailers!)

One of my friends here recently purchased a couple of garments from Igigi, and honestly the designs and  fabrics were fantastic.   Much of what is available here in Australia comes a second best in both those areas.  But if you know of any Australian suppliers who have really great quality design and fabric in their clothing, write and tell me, for I want to share that information with as many plus-sizers as I can.

Here's a few examples from the current Igigi sale:   (

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